Sunday, July 7, 2013

21: Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

How to Read Gone Girl:
1. Know nothing about the book. No really, you don't want to know anything. I knew this was THE book of last summer and knew nothing else at all. I had no idea character names, plot, summary, nothing. All I knew was that it had a TWIST (omgz!)
2. Get the audiobook. Get a friend (preferably a good looking criminal defense lawyer friend). Get a car. Get 20 hours of driving.
3. Listen to the book together. Pause frequently to discuss, analyze, speculate about the law, cops, crimes, relationships, marriages, parents, etc.
4. Finish the book with great anticipation before a long hike with excitement that it will fuel your hiking conversation as it has fueled so many conversations so far (fuel is necessary when you spend every waking minute for two weeks with the above mentioned good looking lawyer)
5. Have almost nothing to say afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this book to every person. I would say that you should read it sooner rather than later to avoid spoilers, because there are quite a few and THERE IS NO REASON TO READ THE BOOK if you already know the spoilers.

If you need to know more, I would tell you it begins with a wife missing from a home that shows an obvious struggle took place, and the novel's structure has the husband narrating from the day she goes missing interspersed with diary entries from the wife beginning with when they first met and catching up to the present.

I really would say you should read it WITH someone because the most fun thing about this book was the discussions that it started. If I had read it independently (probably in one sleepless-can't-put-it-down night) I would have felt the same deflation that it seems so many people felt after finishing it. 

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