Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun Books for Littlies

Baby Lit has awesome cardboard books for the littlie in your life who is ready for an early introduction for Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, and Dracula. The books are number books, color books, weather books, etc, and are incredibly well done with a fantastic style of art. I gave a few as Christmas presents to my bestie and she now owns every one available; as soon as I can afford to, I will as well. She likes them because she's an English teacher, her kids (both below 4) like them because they are cardboard (good to chew on) and have fun pictures. I used the book as an inspiration to give my AP students the option to make an alphabet book of a novel they read over spring break and got a fantastic book on The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. I would highly recommend them as presents for any parents or teachers who are literary minded! Thanks to

Lucas Books with Chronicle Books and Jeffrey Brown has put out Vader's Little Princess. It's a picture book that is totally appropriate for the kids and will make the adults laugh as well. My rockclimbing partner's daughters (age 5 and 7) just finished the Star Wars movies and it is a present for them - I will update when I know how real life littlies react to it!

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  1. I love those BabyLit books! I posted about them on 50B, but we have Jane Eyre, Moby-Dick and Dracula, and they're all fantastic.